Laboratories & Lecture Rooms

The departments running programmes in the School of Postgraduate Studies are well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories; IT engendering, adequately lit, and well-ventilated classrooms; utility spaces; beautiful courtyards; conveniences, etc.; thereby providing an operational platform for cutting-edge, globally relevant teaching and research endeavours.

Engineering Workshop

The Engineering Workshop is a one-storey building covering an area of 5,500m square. It consists of six standard workshops, seven lecture rooms, and 14 Executive offices (attached with Secretary’s offices and conveniences).

Centre for Learning Resources (The University Library)

The Library in Landmark University is known as Centre for Learning Resources (CLR) - the scope and depth of resources is greatly enlarged. Knowledge, they say is power. If this old adage holds true today, then think of the CENTRE FOR LEARNING RESOURCES as the power source: an authoritative, valuable repository of high quality reference materials, ready to generate the answers you need – quickly and efficiently. In a world that has become increasingly complex, the need for information that is accurate, current, balanced and fair – in other words, information with integrity – is greater than ever. The Landmark University Centre for Learning Resources is an information-age learning Centre. Our focus is that, no matter where they may be, students and teachers can use technology to tap into the world's knowledge bank and explore exciting information about topics such as science, current events, history, languages, social sciences, the arts and communication, and share their findings with peers around the globe.

Conference/Seminar Room:

Within the School is a Conference/Seminar Room where meetings and Seminars are held. It is furnished with ultra-modern audio-visual facilities for effective communication and displays during meetings and seminars.