Postgraduate Student Accommodation

Conducive, comfortable and academic activity engendering accommodation provision is available for interested postgraduate students on the University Campus, as the University believes that creating a happy and relaxed living atmosphere is germane to every student’s successful stay on campus. Our postgraduate students are housed in two-bedded space rooms in the gender-sensitive Halls of Residence. Within these Halls, are ancillary spaces housing butteries, barbers’ and hair dressing salons, cobblers’ workshop, tailoring shops, boutiques, laundries and conveniences. Situated also within the Halls are well-furnished students’ Common Rooms where students can relax and watch educative/entertaining, core-value compliant television programmes; in consonance with the University’s desire to make the campus, a “home away from home”. The Hall Allocation Policy is targeted at fostering academic excellence, and social interactions, and so takes cognizance of postgraduate students’ Course of study among other factors, when pairing them up in rooms. Therefore, students on the same programme are more likely to be paired together in the same room, or on the same floor of the same block. Students with peculiar health challenges are allocated to rooms on ground floors, for easy exit from the Halls in the case of emergency. This will also ease them the pressure of stairs climbing. Strategically positioned within the Halls of Residence are Facility Maintenance offices, manned by effective facility managers who are spontaneous in responding to maintenance challenges and other similar issues, as they arise.

Student Welfare

The self-sufficient nature of our Campus makes it mandatory for high premium to be placed on students’ welfare and welfare needs, which are duly catered for as enumerated below.
Health: Situated within the campus, is a world class, state of the art Medical Centre where the health needs of our students are met.
Feeding: For safety reasons, students are not allowed to cook within the Halls of Residence. However, a huge edifice, accommodating the University Cafeteria stands in the heart of the campus, where students can purchase their meals according to their choices, and budgets.
Banking: Cashpoints of three major banks, as well as ATMs for these banks are located within the campus for required financial transactions.
Commercial activities: Aside the provision in the Halls of Residence, there is also a boutique, Salon, as well as a Shopping Mall within the campus. Photocopying and printing service are provided by the University Development Ventures. Also available is a 24-hour LAN, as well as Wireless internet service, for students’ connectivity to the global context. Regular quality assurance visits are made to commercial centres across the Campus to ascertain that goods and services are provided under hygienic and decent environments, besides being in good quantity and quality. Likewise, comparative price survey activities are embarked upon in order to ensure competitive service and goods provision within the campus.
Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants: With a view of alleviating students financial burdens, as well as providing wider scopes for research and impacts, the school, through its Student Management, Development & Linkages Office, provides a platform that seeks and publishes relevant opportunities for Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, etc.; for its postgraduate students.